Left of the Dial
Kent Band - Left of the Dial
Funk Singer - Nikki Wilson

Nikki Wilson (vocals)
Meet vocalist Nikki - formerly with blues band 'Jellyhead', one of the London pub circuit's most sought-after acts...

"I remember late one night after performing at Chelsea College we went back to our car which was parked in a very well-to-do area just off The Kings Road. The houses and cars were ever so posh. On the pavement, every few yards, were these massive decorative terracotta flower pots. It took all the band, plus a couple of the PA guys, to hoist one of these onto the roof of a brand new BMW which happened to belong to someone very famous...
You're not putting this on the web are you? Anyway... " »»»»»

Singer with Left of the Dial Function band from Kent
"Everyone's still talking about last Saturday. Your band was great! My thanks to all the band and your wonderful, talented singer."
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